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Green, active and healthy. For 25 years.

Twenty-five years ago, a new country was born at the meeting point of the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, the Karst plateau and the Pannonian basin. As an old folk tale goes, the new country was given a bag filled with all things beautiful. 
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Go underground by bike and kayak

Koroška, a unique region in northern Slovenia, really is a treasury of surprises. One of them is hidden underground, at Mount Peca in Mežica. Did you know that you can take a bike ride through the tunnels of the disused mine or even row through them in a kayak? Experience a unique adventure. 
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Quicken your pulse at Slovenian natural health resorts

Surely the thought of natural health resorts brings to mind relaxation in thermal and mineral water, wellness treatments, and saunas, but allow us to share a secret. Slovenian wellness centres are also suitable for those who like to get their pulse racing. 
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Ljubljana is the green capital of Europe

Ljubljana, Green Capital of Europe 2016, is a city with a green soul. The city, distinguished by its high environmental awareness, has managed to preserve its green image right up to the present day. Visit Ljubljana, discover its green corners and relish the authentic experience! 
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Slovenia inspires with its beauty and places of interest. There is so much to choose from, it is sometimes hard to decide where to go. We can focus your choice by revealing the 50 most popular Tourist attractions in the country. A number of them simply have to be seen to have genuinely experienced the country: from castles to nature parks, from museums to caves. 

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Maribor Festival Maribor Festival
Tartini festival Tartini festival
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World Championship for Soaring Model Aircraft (F3J) World Championship for Soaring Model Aircraft (F3J)
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31.07.2016, Loče
44th Rural Feast in Loče
World Championship for Soaring Model Aircraft (F3J)
18.09.2016, Bled
44th Traditional cycling race at lake Bled
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