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Like it hot or cold?

Do you like relaxation and the rejuvenation of the body and soul, or are you an adventurer seeking the thrills of freezing temperatures and gliding down snowy slopes? Why not both? 
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Carnival Merriment that awakens spring

In February many of Slovenia's towns are visited by witches, kurents, laufarji, and other traditional Slovene costumes. Visit the lively carnival events throughout Slovenia and treat yourself to a delicious doughnut! 
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The Traditional Kurentovanje Carnival in Ptuj

In February Slovenia's oldest town, Ptuj, will play host to the 56th Kurentovanje Carnival, also known as pust, the biggest cultural-ethnographic and carnival event in Slovenia. Join the growing number of visitors and help to drive away winter by calling for spring! 
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Green Ljubljana

Ljubljana, European Green Capital 2016, has a green soul and a reputation for its high environmental awareness. Visit the city which has managed to preserve its green character to the present day and get to know some of its popular green spaces. 
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Slovenia inspires with its beauty and places of interest. There is so much to choose from, it is sometimes hard to decide where to go. We can focus your choice by revealing the 50 most popular Tourist attractions in the country. A number of them simply have to be seen to have genuinely experienced the country: from castles to nature parks, from museums to caves. 

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Bled Winter Swimming Cup 2016 Bled Winter Swimming Cup 2016
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Cerkno Laufarija Cerkno Laufarija
Ethnological events
Kurentovanje Kurentovanje
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12.02.2016, Ljubno ob Savinji
FIS World Cup Ski Jumping Ladies - Ljubno 2016
12.02.2016, Ljubno ob Savinji
FIS World Cup Ski Jumping Ladies - Ljubno 2016
04.06.2016, Bled
10th Medieval days at the Bled castle
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