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Slovenia abounds with green destinations

Anywhere you turn in green, active and healthy Slovenia, towards the Alpine peaks, the green forests, the Adriatic sea, the mysterious Karst, the vineyards or the Pannonian plains, everything is green. And the people of Slovenia carefully cultivate a green attitude. They love their green countryside and are delighted to share it with guests. 
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Autumn hiking in Slovenia

Slovenia is a land of thousands of paths which invite you to experience the outdoors, and where hiking is the number one sport. Mountaineering seems to be part of the Slovenian DNA. 
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Active and healthy rest and relaxation at Slovenian spas

Slovenian natural health spas are a true font of health and activities. They are set in green natural environments amidst lush forests, among wine-growing hills, along crystal-clear rivers, at the seaside or in the foothills of the mountains. Enjoy green, active and healthy Slovenia! 
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Ljubljana is the green capital of Europe

Ljubljana, Green Capital of Europe 2016, is a city with a green soul. The city, distinguished by its high environmental awareness, has managed to preserve its green image right up to the present day. Visit Ljubljana, discover its green corners and relish the authentic experience! 
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Slovenia inspires with its beauty and places of interest. There is so much to choose from, it is sometimes hard to decide where to go. We can focus your choice by revealing the 50 most popular Tourist attractions in the country. A number of them simply have to be seen to have genuinely experienced the country: from castles to nature parks, from museums to caves. 

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Taste Radol´ca 2016 Taste Radol´ca 2016
Cultural events
St. Martin’s Day Celebrations in Maribor St. Martin’s Day Celebrations in Maribor
Ethnological events
16th Old Vine festival 16th Old Vine festival
Ethnological events

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12.11.2016, Moravske Toplice
14th Hike of Saint Martin
12.11.2016, Bled
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